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Komori G40 H-UV Presents Beyond Expectations

Komori G40 H-UV printing machine’s G letter represents “Green” environment and it uses natural sources in the best and prosperous way. It is, for sure, the best choice for photograph printing with its speed, automatisation, higher quality compared to others.


KOMORI G40 / Green Tecnology


HP Indigo 12000 “Digital Printing” Standards

Digital Press provides high productivity, outstanding print quality and wide media versatility for nearly any commercial application. With dozens of software and hardware innovations, the HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press delivers smooth and sharp prints that match or even exceed offset quality. We offer constant service, high quality and speed to schools and other corporate company.


Digital Printing in Offset Quality


Print & Cut Folio

Plexy Signboard

One Way Vision
Car Plating

The folio cut in the desired size and shape enables you to customize your work in many fields. “Digital printing” and cutting are known as “print&cut”.

“Plexy Signboards” add beauty to your place. It is made in different size, colour and thickness from laser cut or mechanic cut. It is placed anywhere after series of processes.

One-way vision” film, is maximum efficient way for the use of the buildings as a place for advertisement. This product doesn’t hamper the light coming into the building.

We give service to filo and corporate companies about “car plating” based on the request and budget.

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